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Travis is a USMC Iraq war veteran. Podcast covering government corruption and current events.


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American Brushfire is passionately committed to disseminating the principles that shaped the birth of America: Life, Liberty, Defense, Property, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Our mission is to illuminate the enduring legacy of the American founding and inspire individuals to embrace these ideals. We are a platform dedicated to fostering an understanding and appreciation for the fundamental values that have guided our nation, empowering individuals to champion freedom, justice, and achieve prosperity. Join us as we ignite the flames of liberty, rekindling a renewed love for the principles that define us as Americans. Together, let us celebrate and perpetuate that spirit with American Brushfire.


We look to the past to help us understand how we got here, what’s worked, what hasn’t and why. 


Politics is a branch of philosophy. Without a strong understanding of philosophy, questions of politics are impossible. Learn from the bottom up why America was made the way she was.


 We have to revive a culture of liberty. Make America cool again. So many young people have forgotten or worse never learned the true value of liberty and what it means to be an American. 


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